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John, KS and Matt's Bullets) are good for home brew loads. Data within a cartridge is broken down by bullet weight and type. ACME Bullet Company is a manufacturer of Lead Cast Bullets& Hi-Tek Coated bullets. Many people feel that the 45 Colt is the best caliber in this role. 6. and max. 358) 200gr WLNGC BULLET 100/BX. They sell hard cast LBT designs, which are considered one of -if not the best style of lead slug for taking game. Cast Performance as mentioned sends a load sheet with their bullets. 378) 260gr LFNGC BULLET 100/BX . You’ll get your hands dirty with this I picked up some 200 grain Cast Performance slugs for the . Your pressures will be lower than with a jacketed bullet even if you are using a gas check design. Mike fired almost 1,000 rounds from a benchrest in developing the . 420LFN at 395 grain, and LBT's #476. Here is a load for a 420, but it's paperpatched and cast with wheelweights. 5 grains a 110 grain cast bullet will hit 1700 fps from a rifle and only 22,000 cupvery nice for the late 1890s and early 1900s guns. 38 Sp), with 158 grain bullets. The world's largest selection of LBT Design, hand cast, heat treated, wide meplat bullets available. THE . 5" barrel) using published jacketed load data for H322. The Association's central purpose is to help shooters enjoy casting bullets Research indicates this . powder charges for all three levels for cast 405gr bullets until I can get my hands on a later edtion Lyman manual. The acronyms used in the tables for the different cartridge components are: PR : Primer, OAL : cartridge Over All Length, CM : Case Manufacturer, TempF : temperature in Degrees Farenheit, PT : Powder Type, PW : Powder weight in grains, Vel : Velocity in feet per second, companion mould for a shoot-as-cast bullet. 44 magnum. 44 Magnum was the Lyman No. Probably have different characteristics than your bullet, so I'd reduce that charge about 10&#37; and work up cautiously. Cast Performance 320 grain WLN. With 17. . $0. ) Plain base cast bullets are best ran between 1000 and 1400 FPS. The Hodgdon annual has good data and you can also call Hodgdon for data if you are using one of their powdersor IMR or now Winchester. Black powder SPG lead Cowboy bullets, Hard cast lead smokeless cowboy bullets and reloading supplies , hard swaged lead , smokeless bullets and reloading supplies , Cowboy Cartridges with new Starline Brass , Hard cast lead cowboy, IDPA and ISPC Bullets and reloading supplies , Reloading and shooting supplies If you aren't casting your own, you might try Cast Performance Bullets. However such loads can prove dangerous in some rifles. 357. ) There is no load data for plain base cast rifle in any of the reloading books For heavy loads and maximum penetration I like the Cast Performance 405 grain bullet with a healthy dose of H110 or W-W 296. I've got a little bit of data on them, suggesting 10 grains of 2400 or 6 grains of Unique. We carry JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING by Cast Performance Cast Performance Bullets 475 Caliber (475 Diameter The shell holder works using the . Smear lube in the bullet grooves by hand, then finger-seat in the case - and the cartridge is ready to shoot. 4. 62×39 or the slightly more powerful 30-30 cartridges except works in the more up-to-date AR15 platform. This information and data may vary considerably in performance depending on Leadheads Recommends these 2 powder companies for Cast Bullet Loads  Cast Performance Wide Flat Nose Gas Check bullets are cast from virgin alloy and produced in We're sorry, we were unable to load data for this product. • Never exceed the Maximum Load. 6 grains. Out of stock. It provides similar effectiveness to the 7. They shipped immediately, and I received them within a few days Issue with Cast Performance Bullet Company - Shooters Forum Need bullets for Big Game Hunting? We can help you with this also! We offer a wide variety of Gas Checked and Plain Base bullet designs which will meet and exceed the most demanding Reloading and Shooting requirements. 5 grains of TiteGroup for a modest velocity of 745 fps, light recoil and one-hole groups. I am new at loading cast bullets and am trying to locate information for the 260 gr wfngc LBT by cast performance bullets bullets for 44 magnum to be shot in a 6. 45 Colt +P. 444 Marlin is available in RCBS green. Jones back in the early 1980s when he introduced his cast bullet designs, and most notably the 320 grain SSK . Jul 28, 2013 Then tried some of my handloads using 405gr LRNFP bullets from Oregon The source for this data was "The Complete Reloading Manual for the . Great quality, very consistent and accurate! We rely on a quality products, delivery and value for our customers. NOTE: All load data posted on this web site are for educational purposes only. No specific data from Speer,Nosler,Sierra or Barnes . I obtained for the purpose of this article some excellent bullets from Cast Performance. USE SMALL RIFLE PRIMERS. 444 Marlin are Cast Performance Bullet Co. You can use data for any lead core jacketed bullet of the same weight with Hornady's muzzle loader bullets. FWIW, I have had no trouble getting 18-1900 fps with both jacketed and cast 405-420 grain bullets in my Guide Gun (18. Effective range for hunting is about 100-150 yards. Use published data on the specific bullet that you're using, and start with minimum powder Cast bullets are well suited to the . 7. The goal is to explore higher velocity loads. I was considering building a load around the Cast Performance 275 gr. Most all of the cast bullets data is listed for are made from standard lyman molds. Powder Company Links! My . 44 bullets to 250-265 grains. 5" 29 s&w for bear hunting. 454. This provides for a hard yet ductile bullet, which will not fragment, or blow-up on the toughest hide or even bone. O. 350LFN at 350 grains, NEI's #390. Defined by our actions, Hornady has always led the industry in innovation. 44 Magnum bullet. ” Hard cast bullets are just that: harder. A New Article in the 'Making Match Grade Ammo' Series is Now Available Figuring out what size bullet you should use is a question we hear a lot! Lyman is the best for cast bullets. 338 magnum for hunting purposes as well. . 480 Ruger was 375 gr, I started with five rounds using a fairly light charge of 8. The 265 grain Remington load is gone but it has been replaced by several better heavy bulleted loads from Buffalo Bore and Cor-Bon. The copper clings to the lead and the longer the bullets remain in the bath, the thicker the plating. 500 S&W Magnum (Hodgdon Pistol Data) Metallic Check the Cast Performance site and see if they have any recommended loads. Hornady Manufacturing Company develops and publishes reloading data for the Handbook of Cartridge Reloading. 440LFN at 405 grains. under 250 grain cast . Comprehensive manual on cast bullets and performance from the world's . My concern is whether the projectile may be too hard to obturate and that I may have problems with leading. Cast Performance (25) Sort CAST PERF 38-55c (. 44 Magnum. 59. Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type Our bullets are “Hard-Cast. Page 1/1. Faster loads can be achieved in some rifles, driving the 125 grain bullet at up to 2200fps, the 158 grain bullet at 1900fps and the 180 grain bullet weight at 1700 to 1800fps. picks up the pace with heavier bullets at higher velocities. Low Velocity Lead Bullet Chronograph Data. Western Powders, Inc. Bullet on the right was smashed by the author with a hammer as described in the article. 93″ – but when crimped in the last groove on the bullets the loaded over-all length (OAL) is the same as I load to with the heavier bullets – 1. Wash andbry the fired case, decap and reprime, then simply pour in powder to the base of the bullet. 477 at 380 grains, LBT's #476. If you have a great group shot with bullets cast from a CBE mould, please send a photo and details to david@castbulletengineering. Our bullets are cast from virgin alloy and heat-treated to a Brinnel hardness of 18-21. Favorite cast bullet loads include three levels using the 295 grain Keith-style gas checked bullet from the NEI mold. At that point in time, most bullet manufacturers were limiting their . CP Cast Performance Bullet Company FED Federal Cartridge Company FNH Fabrique Nationale, Herstal GSCB GS Custom Bullets HAWK Hawk Inc. Anyway, here's what I need: I'm loading 45-70 using IMR 4198 and I need min. I have moulds in 180 & 200 gr for 357 mag, as are the Cast Performance bullets shown above. Montana meets all of these and more. Cast Performance LBT Series gas-checked cast bullets. 38 Special. 357 Mag. Filter Products Brand. 270 winchester, moving right on up to . I'm inclined to give the 2400 a try but I'm posting to see if anyone else has worked up loads for these bullets. Montana Bullet Works is our first go to source for rifle & hand gun bullets. The latter has both a 280 and 305 grain load, while Buffalo Bore offers ammunition loaded with 270, 300, and 325 grain bullets. Personally, I suggest you spend $25 to $40 to buy a full new set for this caliber and shell holder. Laser-Cast hard cast bullets are made with a silver bearing alloy for an unbeatable hard cast bullet. 475 Linebaugh, I use four cast bullets: LBT's #476. at distance because of there flat nose. 45acp Lee cast bullets with Power Pistol powder: Let Freedom Ring Challenge Info Cast Bullets ; Gear ; Gunsmithing ; Hunting ; Outdoors ; Announcements ; To understand how plated bullets are different from the other options let’s dig into all bullet types. Hover your mouse over the photo to read the caption. Cast Performance LBT Handgun Bullets. Hodgdon has used Nosler,Hornaday,Barnes,Cast Performance and Swift bullets developing loads for the 460. For paper punching, standard 45 Colt loads will be fine. 44 Special? I know I had some load data for a . marvinstuart. I'm changing gears a bit and will pursue pushing some 110 and 158 grain cast bullets. 816″ vs . Using H110 it is 13 grains start and 14 grains max. 45 Colt. Loading cast bullets in . Product innovations such as the secant ogive bullet design, Flex Tip® technology, and the Heat Shield® tip, broke new ground in ballistic engineering and are now used in bullets for everything from match shooting to hunting. The . Another option for your . HDY Hornady Manufacturing Company IMI Israel Military Industry Ltd. Cooling takes a little extra time when 400 to 440 grain bullets are being cast. I've been told by the local reloading shop guy that if I use data for a Jacketed Bullet and load it under a Cast, that I will actually get lower pressures and a bit more FPS out of the load. SASS Hall of Fame inductee . All my bullets were between 1159 and 1170 fps Problem is primers were flat and had hard extraction from the cylinder for what is supposed to be a middle pressure load. My two favorite cast bullets for the . I have known Hank for many years and like him personally. The resulting data is listed by cartridge. 444 Marlin are the NEI #295. 45 acp handloads. At 3,000 FPS in a 1/7 twist barrel, a bullet would be spinning at over 300,000 RPM. 38 Spl. ) Plain base bullets love fast burning shotgun and pistol powders. XLR I have a load using Cast Performance 405gr. Cast Lead Bullets: This is the simplest bullet type. 40 S&W, and . $37. cartridges. Missouri Bullet Company Coated Hard Cast Bullets. Most of these calibers use cast bullets. He said that when loading cast bullets with jacketed data, the only concern is not to push it so fast that the barrel begins to lead. I was extremely disappointed to find that Lyman doesn't include the load data that I   Featuring the Best Hard Cast Lead Bullets and Polymer Coated Bullets for Reloading we believe our lead is the perfect balance of durability and performance. com is a powerful search engine that allows you to search an ever-expanding database of loads. Leadheads Recommends these 2 powder companies for Cast Bullet Loads. CAST PERF 38c (. Federal and Speer sent factory ammo, a double handful of primed brass, and even samples of three factory bullets. Lead bullets and copper plated lead bullets yield very similar pressure and velocity results, so when the weights are the same, the same data may be used for each. 065-inch overall length. LAPUA Nammo Lapua Oy LC Laser Cast, Oregon Trail Bullet Company LHG Lehigh Defense, LLC LYMAN Lyman Products Corp. 429421. 458” caliber hard cast bullet (using max meplat style of above . Why choose ACME lead cast bullets? ** Our premium reloading cast bullets are made with certified 92-6-2 lead for a Brinell Hardness (BHN) of 16. I ordered 200 . 458” wide flat point hard cast bullets average around four times the size of the original . com. FREE SHIPPING! LOAD DATA ©2017 Laser-Cast. This would be one of the recommendations for the rifle (250 grain Hornadys) Muzzle loader or leverevloution bullets. For the shooting tests of these bullets, I installed gas checks on the Laser-Cast bullets. Now we really had something. Since the lightest bullets I had previously loaded for my . This business about MG barrels not shooting cast bullets well is an old-wives tale that has been repeated forever. 22-. You’ll get your hands dirty with this Compared to the 410 gr hard cast bullets I am using from Cast Performance, the “Thumpers” are a bit shorter – . Cowboy Action has recently given the . lead-gas check bullets  Aug 25, 2015 I weigh every powder charge—the consistency of performance provided is worth it. 330”) however expanding projectiles in . 45 Colt +P within the Reloading forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; I would like to load my . 500 Smith & Wesson Magnum / . Our hunting bullets are cast from LBT style molds. The other would be the heaviest bullets you can find. Occasionally, we will temporarily publish load data on this page when a bullet becomes available and is not yet listed in the latest edition of the handbook. Selections from . 44 magnum for me (the powder, Loading cast bullets in . I eventually settled on a grain less for that first Model 29 in . The Laser-Cast bullet is heeled for gas check application, but comes, however, sans gas check. Click here to download Sierra Bullet’s 300 AAC Blackout Load Data for the 5th Edition Manual. Deadly. 5 Stars! 9mm, . Mar 16, 2015 Light loads: 5. This is a discussion on Loading cast bullets in . I just placed an order for 200pcs of . The only 460 load data I could locate was from Hornaday,Hodgdon and Cast Performance for my Encore Bullberry Rifle barrel. All data supplied is use at your own risk! Reloading Data. Tom 500 Linebaugh loads using the Cast Performance 435 grain WFNGC “wide flat nose gas check” bullet (sized . I used Zero bullets years ago in . The bullets are plated to the correct size and then taken out of the bath. Loading The . Loading . At Casull velocities, I highly recommend using a gas check design to avoid leading. These are hard-cast . I have loaded some of these zero bullets, but have not yet had the chance to shoot any yet. 99. Its what I used for the last 10 years along with the powder manufacturers data. This door to this level of revolver performance was opened by J. Specializing in heavy weight for caliber gas checked bullets. 45 ACP data is now available in the Load Data tab at the top of the page. 511 nose . Free: cast bullets in a 308 Online Reading at NIGHTWITCHBODYART. 380 meplat . Resulting data was stored in GMDR. Need some Cast Performance Load Data; It is also the best and only powder I use for medium to heavy bullets in any caliber from 357 mag thru 460 S&W. There are some very accurate loads already in my results-database. GT Bullets is dedicated to offering the best hollow point lead bullets available to reload for your cast shooting needs. INDICATES MAXIMUM LOAD – USE CAUTION LOADS LESS THAN MINIMUM CHARGES SHOWN ARE NOT RECOMMENDED. Swaged lead bullets or cast lead-alloy bullets easily drive through a revolver’s bore with a minimum amount of propellant. Does anybody have any experience with this particular boolit, or any of Cast Performance's products? Frangible bullets are unique such that we always show separate data for them (and recommend not using any other bullet type data). 5. Stateline Bullets is the premier provider and manufacturer of Cast Lead Bullets and reloading supplies. Brian Pearce published data for thermonuclear Ruger Redhawk Only loads that I loaded 335 Cast Performance bullets over 22 grs WW296, magnum  Feb 21, 2017 Everything utilized to load the . We also sell Speedloaders,cleaned Range Brass, and new Starline and Prvi Partizan Brass. These hollow point lead bullets are all hand cast and soft enough to seal the bore on your firearm as well as expand. In Stock. Click on the photo for a larger image size. Give them a call and they may be able to give you some guidance. Our bullets are cast from virgin alloy and heat-treated to a Brinnel hardness of 18- 21. 357 mag, assuming you are into heavier bullets is H110; this is my favorite, but I load . 444 Marlin include Hornady's 265 FP, Speer’s 270 and 300 JFNs, Sierra’s 300 FP, and the NEI 295 grain GC. Heavy bullets in a . Our silver alloy produces cast bullets that are harder than standard cast bullets without fear of leading and still protects the barrel from harsh wear. L. We buy our bullet alloy directly from a local foundry that has the knowledge, equipment and experience to manufacture bullet alloy to exacting specifications. The author's test loads, both in . Powders include Hodgdon, Winchester, IMR Reloading Data . 357 magnum (not . Find the loading data created by Part of the Beartooth family of web resources, providing Handgun Loads-A Critical Look Your source for the finest in personal service, custom cast bullets, quality excellence, and  Aug 23, 2006 Hello I'm looking to load some rounds for Bear proctection,to be fired Cast Performance Bullets have a really good 300 WFN GC and a 320  Missouri Bullet Company assumes no responsibility for the data contained on I have bought several cast hi tek coated bullets from Missouri bullet company and . On the left is the 300 grain WFN, on the right is the 320 grain WLN. The swaged lead cores are tumbled in an electrically charged bath containing high-grade copper ingots. Home Shop GT Bullets is dedicated to offering the best hollow point lead bullets available to reload for your cast shooting needs. This guide is not intended to be a reloading textbook, but rather a list of recommended loads for Accurate powders. Our hard lead cast bullets for pistols and rifles are made of the highest quality foundry alloy and are triple hand sorted to guarantee you the best reloading bullets and shooting supplies the market has to offer, all at competitive prices. 45 ACP. A database of . All the loads are developed by the staff of Handloader magazine and the archives of Handloader and Rifle magazines. 444 MARLIN. has developed this guide to provide the handloader with current data for reloading Accurate powders. Dependable. Recently, I have been shooting some of the Cast Performance bullets in the . After the cast bullets cool down they are lubed and resized. ” is not just a string of three words. I like the Lyman loading data for various reasons. The Laser-Cast cardboard shipping box says, "Superior performance at jacketed bullet speeds. 410) 250gr WFNGC   Shop a full line of Cast Performance products at MidwayUSA. 65″. For loading the . 44 Special with 275gn and 300gn Cast Performance bullets but can't find it anywhere. We manufacture both gas checked and plain base for most popular handgun hunting calibers Reloading Data. PRIMER ABBREVIATIONS BULLET ABBREVIATIONS AK Alaska Bullet Company BAR Barnes BRGR Berger BRY Berry's CP Cast Performance FED Federal GS GS Custom Bullets HDY Hornady HWK Hawk LC Laser Cast LYM Lyman MCB Montana Cast Bullets MTB Mount Baldy MTG Montana Gold NOS Nosler OT Oregon Trail RAN Rainier REM Remington 180 & 200 gr bullets are plinker loads for a 356. I purchased some of the 125JHPs to try out in 357 Sig loads. The Hodgdon loading data doesn't cover cast for Levels 2 & 3, only level 1. com Start low and work up from load data for the same weight bullet. As a ammunition manufacture, we load over 400 calibers. Just make sure your bullets are slightly oversized, since groove diameter tends to run a little large on these barrels. 40 World/National shooting championship wins "I have decided to shoot Chey Cast bullets for several reasons. My favorite load with this bullet is 7. I have used CCI 300's with little to no difference between load performance. At the extreme temperatures, pressures, and speeds that rifle cartridges produce, we found some very interesting characteristics, challenges, and promising pieces of data. 429GC which weighs right at about Two heavier cast bullets I also use in the . The first bullet I loaded in the . 475 diameter flat point bullets in 370 grain plain base and 405 grain gas-check configurations. 32-40 cast bullet loads. 323 inch. Questions and Discussion of Load Selections and Development. Whether you call it magic, divine providence or simply good luck, Oregon Trail ® Bullet Company came together with a rare mix of talented idealists, all focused “like a laser” on one simple plan: to offer our shooters the finest hard cast lead bullets ever, supported by the best in customer service. Now let’s look at a few favorite loads. INDICATES MAXIMUM LOAD – USE CAUTION The generated data was either real-time processed by At-The-Range, a chronographic system manager, or after the fact, again with ATR. 4 grains and a max of 11. A popular Cowboy bullet is the 200-grain RNFP. The Cast Bullet Association is an organization of shooters who enjoy shooting cast lead bullets in rifles and handguns for competition The Cast Bullet Association is an organization of shooters who enjoy shooting cast lead bullets in rifles and handguns for competition, hunting, or informal target shooting. I have used Shop a full line of Cast Performance products at MidwayUSA. Cast Performance data. 0 grains of Titegroup powder – which has worked well in a variety of loads for . 44 Special, and . General Info · Load Data · Contact · Shopping Cart Boasting a selection of heavyweight hard cast handgun bullets, and super-hard lead rifle bullets, TrueShot® delivers unsurpassed performance, extreme accuracy and unmatched economy! are more economical, especially when working on load development. 38spc target loads and loved them, but have not used them since. 45 in +P velocities using cast bullets. FREE SHIPPING! ACME Bullet Company is a manufacturer of Lead Cast Bullets& Hi-Tek Coated bullets. The Lyman reloading manual on my loading bench listed 23. 320- inch figure may have deviated somewhat over the last 125 years. 444 Marlin Reloading and Ballistics Data. FortuneCookie45LC 22,397 views Casting bullets from aluminum bullet moulds is quite easy with bullets dropping from the mould when cooled. Disclaimer: No responsibility is taken for loading data content. 30-06 shooters use gas checked cast projectiles for target shooting and practice loads, the 30-06 same is true for 7mm magnums and . COM308 cast load Download 308 cast load Ebook PDF:I think my winter project will be finding a cast bullet load for a Savage bolt package gun in 308 1 in 10 twist I have 160gr bullets I will pick 180 and 200 210gr also For powder I have H4895 and H322 on hand but cannot find load data. We use a 92% Lead/6% Antimony/2% Tin bullet alloy for casting all bullets. 6 grains of Titegroup for 780 fps. 0 grains of Vihtavuori N340 loaded to 1. But, IME, even a decent 320 grain bullet from a 45 Colt carbine moving at the more stately speeds of 1500 fps or so can penetrate as well as the bigger faster bullets do. Load data is Laser-Cast hard cast bullets are made with a silver bearing alloy for an unbeatable hard cast bullet. Item #: CP38200. Pushing a 110 grain cast bulllet over 2,000 FPS is on the test agenda. HP, Sierra JSP, Cast Performance Bullet LGC, Hornady SP. I started with it in the Max, but not many and I lost any data I may have noted in a move. 0 grains of 2400 as maximum for a velocity of 1,460 fps. The Association's central purpose is to help shooters enjoy casting bullets By clicking any link below, I acknowledge that I have read the precautions and warnings and I assume all liability for the use of the data provided. " The Meister bullet is boat tailed. Load databases, and presented using GMDR. 32-40 cast bullet shooters load bullets that measure somewhere in the vicinity of . These very strong guns respond well to pushing things a bit. The Lyman manual load data for H110 and IMR-4227 is as follows: Cast Performance Bullets are known to not lead your bore and feature a specialized lube allowing bullets to be shot at high velocities. I've used the bullet in the past, mostly for the mag, and I liked it there. The powders you mentioned are favorites for this type of load. This provides for a Loading data is included with most of our products. 35 Remington Microgroove rifles will do slightly better with select cast bullet loads, at the same velocity. Cast Performance data Laser-Cast / Cast Bullet. There is the older version with blue lube, and a newer version with a coating and no lube. 357 max brass and 300 Cast Performance 180gr WFNGC bullets from Grafs, and got my shipping notice so now I know it's a real thing. The Redhawk is just the ticket for the 45 Colt with heavy loads. For long range and high velocity where deep penetration is neither needed nor desired, the Hornady 325 XTP Magnum HP with 28 to 29 grains of 296 will give plenty of reach for a big bore sixgun. I have used the Cast Performance bullets before (see article at Cast Performance), and have total confidence in their accuracy and Become a Load Data member, access over 314,413 load recipies LoadData. You take molten lead and pour it into a mold, and then allow the casts to air dry or you can water quench them. The Cast Bullet Association is an organization of shooters who enjoy shooting cast lead bullets in rifles and handguns for competition, hunting, or informal target shooting. Years back Cast Performance did provide load data. companion mould for a shoot-as-cast bullet. Most . $29. For the 9mm, I loaded 125-grain SWC cast bullets made by Missouri Bullet Company with 4. 600 Nitro calibers. the data for 405 gr Cast performance bullets says 20 to 22. 3 gr of h110 I loaded mine with 21 gr. 45-70 will normally produce internal wounds twelve times their original bullet diameter. Chey-Cast Bullets is a proud sponsor of: Evil Roy. It’s our commitment to leadership and performance. 45 colt for the . Lead GC bullet (from LeadHeads Bullets of St. 452 300 grain gas checked bullets from their web site a few weeks ago. ) Make sure ALL of the copper fouling is out of the barrel before you shoot cast bullets. Load. Many . There is a lot of data available so do a search. Many loads below us CPB (Cast Performance Bullets). Reloading Data For Cast Performance Bullets The Cast Performance bullets cost almost three times as much as the Missouri bullets. PO Box 158 • Top of Yellowstone Hill Miles City, Montana 59301 406-234-0422. 321 to . Its weight averaged 256 grains when cast of scrap wheelweight metal. I've read this powder is a bad idea for the lighter (<125 grain) bullets as it's slow burning and can cause some gas cutting on the revolver frame, especially in high velocity loads. MCB Montana Cast Bullets MIL To briefly re-iterate, on average, wound channels created by . 44 mag boolit. CAST PERF 41c (. au . I like to load something that will closely match my carry rounds. Lead bullets work best when loading standard . D. 410″). Powder Bul Weight C. For the 180 grain WFNGC they recommend AA9 with a start of 10. At the most extreme speeds, hard cast lead bullets are not strong enough to stay intact. Discover the benefits of using these 38 and 357 Caliber 130 Grain RNFP Polymer Coated Hard Cast Lead Bullets for Reloading Qty 1000 Some targets received from our customers. I had several different bullets to load, including a roundnose, flatpoint Magnus cast bullet. Like Keith said the old Colts from the 1930s or so will take loads pushing cast 100 grain bullets to 1500 fpsbut they will eventually batter the guns. 44 Special a shot in the arm, and the lighter cast bullets further broaden the Special's appeal. 30 per round. They were fired from a 1911-type pistol with a 5-inch Kart barrel. Berry’s Preferred Plated bullets begin as a swaged lead core. Powder Coating and Loading 45-70 Lee 345 Grain Cast Bullets - Duration: 7:42. Overall National and World Champion in both Cowboy Action and Wild Bunch shooting. We carry JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING by Cast Performance. Using bullets from Barnes XPB, Hornady XTP, Cast Performance Bullets LGC, Rem. Sierra Bullets 300 AAC Blackout Load Data. Excellent heavy bullets for use in the . cast performance bullets load data

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